Day programs and life skills

Day programs and life skills

Here at UDS, we believe in seizing the day and maximising enjoyment and creative fulfilment. For that reason, we’ve assembled an extended roster of activities -both indoor and outdoor- that enable participants to explore their favourite pastimes and discover new ones. These tailored activities will enable the participants to confidently express themselves, while also honing interpersonal skills. They will also become more self-actualising through our life skills programs which aid them in integrating into the community. We believe developing these skills, in safe and nurturing settings, is essential to creating a fulfilling environment.

Our day programs include but are not limited to: cooking classes, painting, excursions, play centre outings

We believe in offering a diverse selection of activities to ensure all participants can have engaging possibilities that suit their interests.  

Coming Soon to Condell Park – All Abilities Play Centre

The All Abilities Play Centre offers a unique sensory play experience designed to meet the needs of children, teens and young adults with special needs. Limited numbers, caring staff, friendly and understanding environment. A great activity for the whole family, coming soon to Condel Park.

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